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Ocean Isle Marina is the place for all your boating needs. We offer general boat maintenance, winterization, summerization, detailing services, and more. Scroll down to view the full list and descriptions.

Your boating needs are our No. 1 priority.


We will get you on the water quickly and safely! Ocean Isle Marina offers full-service maintenance for all makes and models, and quality repairs of outboards and inboards to ensure your boat is always in excellent working condition. We offer Garmin electronics installations and are an authorized Power Pole dealer and installation facility. We are also an authorized Aqua Grip dealer and installation facility, and offer boat detailing, boat lettering, and bottom painting. 


Winterization protects the engine from freezing and extreme temperature swings that cause condensation, which leads to corrosion and water accumulation in the fuel. We top off the fuel and add fuel stabilizer to protect the fuel system. We fog the internal cylinders and spray the outside of the engine and lower unit with anti-corrosion lubricant. The batteries are disconnected, and the lower unit is checked for water contamination. Stern drive engines are flushed with antifreeze. The cost of fuel, fuel stabilizer, and antifreeze is added to the base cost.


This treatment removes salt buildup from the internal engine cooling system and provides a protective anti-corrosion coating to protect your engine during storage. We also recommend this service during the boating season for both engine types, and when your vessel is not being used for an extended period (e.g., 30 days or more).


Freshwater systems need draining and antifreeze treatment to prevent damage during cold weather storage. Likewise, your generators also need to be winterized. Costs depend on labor time and materials used to complete this task. Please reach out to us for further information.


Annual routine maintenance extends the life of your boat engine just as it does for your automobile. Life on and in salt water is tough on a boat engine. All engine manufacturers recommend routine service every 100 hours or yearly. Even slightly used motor oil can contain acids and moisture that can pit internal engine parts during storage. The rubber water pump impeller can also deteriorate during storage, as it dries out. The end of boating season is a great time to schedule this service to ensure you will be ready for the next season. The annual services include engine oil and filter, fuel filter and fuel/water separator filter, lower unit oil, and greasing of prop shafts and fittings. The 200 hour/two-year service is the same as the 100 hour/yearly service stated above, but it is our designation to indicate that we now need to install a new water pump impeller. Stern drive boats may need some of the other services listed. Please give us a call and discuss your options. Pricing is based on labor time, parts, and materials for each engine type.


Summerization is the in-water running of your boat to determine operational status (starts, runs, shifts, steering, etc.), and checking the required safety items (navigation lights, horn, gauges, bilge pumps, etc.). Please note that if we find something that needs repair on your boat, we may need to order additional parts, which will add time to your work order. Plan and schedule your summerization early. This ensures that when the weather is great, you are ready to go with no surprises.


Detail, wash, and wax helps you keep your boat clean and looking great. Boats that are stored inside can benefit from having this done in the fall or winter. A good wax finish should make a quick rinse all that you need to get ready for your first outing of the season, as well as when you return to port. Owners that use their boats frequently should consider a mid-season detail. Please contact us to obtain a quote for detailing. We also offer bottom painting and have great subcontractors that can tackle fiberglass repair and upholstery and canvas work. We also offer prop repair and refinishing.


Zinc anodes are corrosion protection for the metal parts that spend time in salt water. We keep most of these in stock, so be sure to take a look at these items on your lower units for both outboard and stern drive boats. Outboard engines have internal zinc that should be checked every three years for high-use boats and every five years for boats with less use.

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